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Them Changes

Raining. It's been a while... since the spring at least. Tin roof over the porch amplifies the sound quite nicely.

Slowly, but surely, things are getting back to normal at the office.



Give Me Novacaine

You say:
 It's been a while since I've had a coffee I would consider undrinkable.
Co-worker says:
 Oh, do tell
You say:


One Year already. Sounds so short - One Year. Two syllables, and poof, that's it.
There are some big numbers in one year, 525600 and 31536000 for example.
Hmm... those might come in handy.

The Fool On the Hill

I think I quite seriously broke the Passat tonight.
To think, it made it to the top of the 8km mountain road no problem, but then I bin it into what was effectively a 2' berm.

Kill Everybody

This has to be one of the worst songs I've ever heard. But I can't stop listening to it.
Does the Train Wreck rule apply to sound too?

Apes From Space

2:45am, still not asleep. Gah. Wondering if I should bother trying to lay down again at this point... have to get up in three and a bit hours anyway.

Out of Body Experience

Some things I learned today:

  • It never rains, it pours
  • The encumbant ISP in British Columbia can be annoying as all mighty fsck sometimes

Anyway the Main Thing Is

It's been a long time comin, I know!
A change is gonna come, yes it is...

Peas and Rice

In the interests of actually completing a post, this is significantly shorter than I previously intended... Ho-well, needs must.

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