Them Changes

Raining. It's been a while... since the spring at least. Tin roof over the porch amplifies the sound quite nicely.

Slowly, but surely, things are getting back to normal at the office.
...who am I kidding, they never changed. Still, keeps my minds occupied at least, so that's something.

Ran into the could not open control socket problem I had with ftpd again recently. Found out what why it happens, but not why it happens.
Starting it with inetd. Seems it became unhappy when changing addresses or aliases on interfaces.

-----e@memnarch:~ $ grep ^ftp /etc/inetd.conf
ftp             stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/ftpd       ftpd -AUSdll

Killing/restarting and or sending inetd a SIGHUP doesn't seem to do the trick for whatever reason, but calling ftpd directly works.
Will have to poke around on 5.1 or something to see if it still happens, but either way - simple enough fix.

Wee... this X-Com remake is shaping up to be pretty epic. I've never been a fan of the glam-cam though.

And now for something completely different...