Added close to two-dozen more piles of randomness to my collection of random images. Thank-you internets for a seemingly never ending supply of lunacy.

Waiting for some NIC's to arrive so I can build an Olive. The VM I have just isn't quite up to muster.
Setting up the VM however, I learned to truly appreciate the OpenBSD installer script (Read: No curses.h garbage or GUI of any sort, just yes, no, or <input>.).
Using it compared to the FreeBSD 4.x GUI thing was not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination. This may be somewhat biased based on the fact that I *irrecoverably broke the install proccess* three times running by doubling back on myself / making adjusting things before committing, etc. The fourth attempt I learned my lesson, and still produced a bricked VM that wouldn't boot. Fun.

Moving on...
Q. Your router starts automatically learning static /32 routes for hosts that should be 'knwown via connected'. What do you do?
A. ???? PROFIT!

Truthfully, a problem which leaves me perplexed. May be symptomatic of using the int-loopback-foo-ip-ospf-1-area-0-on-a-loopback-with-ip-unnumbered-loopback-foo-to-advertise-a-/32-instead-of-the-/whatever-you-put-on-the-loopback trick. Added to the list of things to test further one day, but regardless... removing said ludicrosity and the problem persists.

Also, this sums up my thoughts on XML quite nicely...

Incidentally, I may have mentioned once or twice that given I am required to use Windows at the office, my work day lacks the untold joy that is Quicksilver
A number of Power Toys and Colibri almost replicate some of the functionality, but because you're relying on the Windows indexing mechanisms, it still provides a shite user experience. Recently however, I stumbled across this little gem:
Basically, a tag cloud for files.
Typically my files are relatively well-sorted. At work though, holy geeze. My "To be filed" folder never gets filed, projects spawn child projects, and unrelated projects merge frequently to create further clutter and segregation of diagrams, design specs, etc, etc.
Haven't been using it long, but I don't think I'll ever do without it ever again. My only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be any equivilent that can replace windows explorer.