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What About Us

So, with the router for tomorrow flashed, programmed, and ready to, that's just about 30 hours this week.

Some Kind of Blue

So, I'd like to rant about the sim I dabbled with for VRRP tonight.

I Remember

Work get's an honourable mention today, but for not any particularly good reason.

Passed Around

New small content thing.
Quotes - a small stub off stuff. Not sure why I made it exactly... was just in the mood I suppose.


So, I seem to have this thing with the HTC Touch.

And we'll all float on anyway...

Nothing special to say right now. So... Watch these!


I think this has to be one of the strangest songs I've ever heard in my life, but it makes me smile every time it rolls by on random.

Free the robots

Not a lot to report.

Renzi, I hope you're paying attention.

And it works for any song they say? How have I not heard of this before now?


Nothing major today. Just found this to be a profound statement, and could be applied to 90% of the conversations I tend to have in one way, shape, or form.

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