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My new toys.

Screw The Plan

Falling behind on legitimate posts again... have about 3 cisco related things queued up for posting I should probably finish off.

Galaxy Bounce

On tonights episode of Too Damn Late...


Got moved out of my old IP range.

In The Sun

Nothing to see here.

Whatever Clever

Already up to 28.5 hours this week. Not bad for someone that works 7hr days and doesn't work overtime anymore.

There Might Be Coffee

Well, so much for this weeke... this mon... this year.
Sleep schedule got shafted this weekend. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Queue random junk:

Chasin' You Around

So. I had no internet from November to around Jan 7th, then sank deeply into "Zomg! Must get all this sh!t done before you leave work!" mode which left my blogging enthusiasm at an all time low.

Man of Constant Sorrow

Nothing of particular interest to say at the moment. More a quick test to see if my drupal5 DB is still functional after the upgrade staging from 5.x->6.x, 6.x->7.x after restoring from a backup.

Them Changes

Raining. It's been a while... since the spring at least. Tin roof over the porch amplifies the sound quite nicely.

Slowly, but surely, things are getting back to normal at the office.

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