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Huboon Stomp

Have you ever had to deal with something so insanely stupid, that you just know it's going to ruin your week?

House Of Fun

Lightning trip to Prince George and back today.


Threw together a diagram to illustrate the experiment I got to put together a while back.

Falling High

You know, I was just thinking 'It's about time Bethesda did something about


It's been one of those weeks.

I was completely and utterly floored by a problem at work today.

Spreadin' Rhythm Around

Got back into town from Tabor yesterday by 5:15pm.

Stand Tall

Two posts in one day. Wow... making up for lost time I guess.
Now that the spontaneous-ness of my last post has been dealt with, today was a Monday as per usual.

But I just wanna play it right

Nothing significant to say today.


OOO! Random weirdness! This word looks horribly wrong!

Ronin's Llama's Llama tastes of Llama.


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