Quick post today.
Will probably have something to say about my new house, and the options I'm looking at for a NAS / AppleTV streaming appliance eventually.

Ride My Tempo

So. I have yet another new toy. Granted, this is my first real toy toy.
I didn't even really want it, like want want it.

Magic Carpet Ride

Seems I broke my search indexer yonks ago. It's been fixed, so yay.

Mr. Night

Beaker as David Tennant? Awesome.

Good Is Bad

I ran into this problem some time back, trying to perform NAT/PAT from in

Screw The Plan

Falling behind on legitimate posts again... have about 3 cisco related things queued up for posting I should probably finish off.

There Might Be Coffee

Well, so much for this weeke... this mon... this year.
Sleep schedule got shafted this weekend. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Queue random junk:

Babylon Rising

Well. Still awake, so here's some random chunk of cisco config for that NAT thing I mentioned earlier.

I'm Bound to Pack it Up

Well over-due for a new entry I suppose.

Give Me Novacaine

You say:
 It's been a while since I've had a coffee I would consider undrinkable.
Co-worker says:
 Oh, do tell
You say:
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