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Anyway the Main Thing Is

It's been a long time comin, I know!
A change is gonna come, yes it is...

Peas and Rice

In the interests of actually completing a post, this is significantly shorter than I previously intended... Ho-well, needs must.

Needing Getting

Waiting for Outlook to open. Should be good to go in about 5 more minutes.


Considering how slowly time seems to have passed of late, it's sure seems to have gone by quickly.

When The Lights Go Down

This, is by far, the best spam I have ever seen in my life. Buy 9 grams, get one free? Tomahawk rockets?
My favourite is the sequence of 1, 2, 4.




Minecraft, it would seem, is terribly addictive.


Boogie Bumper

It's now officially known to me: It's not possible to terminate a pseudowire on a router subinterface. That is, at least - on a 7204VXR running advip 124-20.

Best Of Me

NAT's a funny thing, as it turns out.

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