Anyway the Main Thing Is

It's been a long time comin, I know!
A change is gonna come, yes it is...

Snowed about a foot in them thar hills today. Sun lighting up the ridge over yonder looked pretty damn amazing... if only I had a camera.

So... had a series of stupid problems with our billing, ticketing, and dispatching systems at work the other day. The stupidity surrounding them was further compounded by a lack of documentation (Yay!).
Some of the problems could have been worked around with this handy little BgInfo majig. Makes life in the world of un-documented Windows servers much less painful.
That said, given some (read: all) of the afore-mentioned systems are virtualized, it got me thinking about how to actually document that sort of thing on a small scale.
I've had a few ideas and run some through the mill, and here's what's come out after a little bit of messing around:

Scaling is a concern, up to / past 10 VM's, though as it is, there's plenty of room for a quick blurb on each vm and it's function(s).
Obviously, that's on a different layer excluded from exporting - along with internal interface addresses.
Hindsight, adding another vswitch would be a disaster, though this is just an 8x11 canvas, so plenty of room for changes. May give it another go 'round someday if I can be bothered. For now, this covers my needs, mebbe I'll try adapting something for work for giggles.
Making this, it suddenly dawned on me how many VM's I have running on that lil' ol thing.
Damn. I knew I should have got that extra 16 gigs of ram. Ohwell.

So tired. So very, very tired... and perpetually bewildered. Fsck.

I'll just leave this here...