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Something that is seemingly difficult to find clearly described in plain english for JunOS, is L3 Service Provider tunnel termination.

Magic Carpet Ride

Seems I broke my search indexer yonks ago. It's been fixed, so yay.

Gone Going

'Nuff said.

Take me to Heaven

Pak. Chooie. Unf.
Been internet-less at home for as near as makes no difference, a week.
Abnormal service should resume shortly.


So, happy new year and stuff.
Should probably post something worthwhile sometime soon.

Очень Очень

Happy non-denominational winter holiday
Happy Chalica
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanza
Merry X-mas

And all that jazz, and stuff, and like, whatever.

Crimson Poenix

Well, I'm completely unenthused, and otherwise bored on the whole. Fair warning this post may have no point what-so-ever as a result of the aforementioned mental-state.

Million Voices

Co-worker: How often do you clean your balls?
Me: out of context, that might seem like a peculiar question.

Mr. Night

Beaker as David Tennant? Awesome.


My new toy.

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