Red Balloon

Holy heck... I have a blog.

Quick rant and post, more details on life after the break.

Недетское время

So, fluctuator has been shut-down. The 510 chassis soon to be re-purposed for greater things.

In doing so, I've merged and updated a pile of my VM's. Down to 4 from 7, which is a good start.

Bouncy Bouncy

Well, this has been well overdue, and yet, it still turned into a discordant mess of random junk.

You Never Can Tell

Of all the weekends to get almost no sleep. This week is going to suck. Immensely.

Once again, the worlds screwed up digital media distribution channels have left me aghast.

Good Is Bad

I ran into this problem some time back, trying to perform NAT/PAT from in


My new toys.

Shave It

Outlook's crashed... waiting for it to re-open which is putting some strain on the poor Lenovo on my desk. Figured I'd spell-check this unpublished post and throw it up while i'm waiting.

4 Million Ways

Am currently resisting the urge to install Sacrifice.

Fix Me Now

Do spammers even try anymore? Seriously... what the hell is this Scheiße supposed to mean?

Forever Autumn

Well. I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

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