Whatever Clever

Already up to 28.5 hours this week. Not bad for someone that works 7hr days and doesn't work overtime anymore.

Cutting services out of the old IP block I've been sitting on for yonks. Doing so has given me a chance to play with rdomains. Think Cisco VRF, but in the BSD flava.
Currently, I'm running two httpd processes off the same VM host, each listens on a separate interface with a different rdomain (need that default route). The theory being, when the *sarlok.com A records update, nothing noticeable will go wrong.
Since I'm also currently migrating to a new firewall as well, that extra default route comes in handy.
I expect I'll be staring down the barrel of some imperfect connectivity come the morrow, but so far everything checks out connecting between rdomains without any nasty NAT tricks or the like.
Especially since I'm stupid bloody tired, but that does limit one's comprehension.
qmail, minecraft, and all that funky jazz will undoubtedly be next.

Slightly related note, maybe it's the lack of sleep, but;
Mind = blown.