My new toys.

My experiences attempting to acquire a SIP trunk with a single DID were doubly disappointing. It seems the world is big on selling trunks to businesses, so picking something up for less than $expensive/month is out of the question. I'm sure I'm bound by some NDA which prevents me from going into details over the second disappointment, beyond saying I can very much relate to some of our (their?) customers.
That out of the way, it's significantly cheaper in the short and long term to buy an analogue line, and turn it into a trunk myself.
New problem: Good ATA's aren't inexpensive.
Not if you want something that won't generate scary echo, or scads of problems with Asterisk.
So, picked up an entire Cisco voice bundle and VWIC-2FXO for the same cost of two decent ATA's, so I'll probably just use that for the entire PBX setup.

Not sure what to make of the SRX yet. After playing with Olive, I was somewhat surprised to be presented with a FreeBSD prompt after logging in as root. Thought that was symptomatic of the Olive hacks.
Time will tell.

Google strikes again.
Tried to setup my Apple TV to sign into my youtube account tonight. To coin a phrase, How hard can it be?
After failing to login after 4 attempts at my password, I figured something was up. I wouldn't have minded so much if I got a useful error message, though that one is probably on Apple.
It's also my fault for using two-factor authentication since my gmail account was compromised. So, time for random guessing. I figured out it was the afore-mentioned two-factor thing.
Great, setup an application specific password, punch it in. Spinner goes for a bit longer this time, and...

"This account cannot be used with Apple TV".

Seriously? What. The. блядь.
So, more screwing around, and apparently, one has to create a "Channel" in your account. Why, I'm not sure. The requirement of clicking some obfuscated link to feed you random garbage by default, seems like a bad idea in my mind. But I'm sure it made sense to someone at the time.

Also, second week with one of these. I am not impressed. I'm not sure why anyone would want to root them. I would rather wipe and re-flash it myself.

Still working.
Bourbon's still nearly impossible to buy in this town.
Suppose it stands to reason I came across this after two days of solid rain. The instrumental version sounds amazing in the Volvo. Not sure which version I like best yet.