Got my little hard-drive rigged up to roll.

Nitro Narcosis

So, it seems all this time I thought I setup spamd for greylisting, but was actually blacklist-only.
Words cannot emphasize how stupid I felt


Threw together a diagram to illustrate the experiment I got to put together a while back.

Things are only impossible until they're not

Modify LIBS in the vusaged 'Makefile' to get the linker to find libev.

LIBS = -L.. -lvpopmail <b>-L/usr/local/lib -lev</b> -pthread

Compiles A-OK.
Aaaaand best of all...

Gondolas, lab rats, Viva las vegas! Spe-e-e-d!

For some random reason, the errors spit out by my attempts at getting the new patched qmail build to process messages suddenly sparked th

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