Minecraft, it would seem, is terribly addictive.
It strikes me as an exceptional piece of work given it's many similarities to Dwarf Fortress.
I've built a little hideaway in the forest in close proximity to that of my buddies. Basically capped off the entrance to a natural cavern, lined the bottom with dirt for a small underground tree garden.
Shortly thereafter, I scout out, and tunnelled from the afore-mentioned house to the beach.
Nearly a full game-day's walk from site to site.
Greenhouse is built at said beach, and a new house has been mostly carved out of the side of a mountain overlooking the area.
Now though, I've taken to falling repeatedly into lava pits - or digging into one from underneath.
"Losing is fun!" springs to mind. :]
It really is too bad it's powered by java. Oh-well.

Random amusing conversations from last week:

You say: you know what would be awesome...
Coworker says: Snakes with wheels?
You say: Snakes with caterpillar treads is a highly amusing thought come to think of it...
but no, other than that...

I was actually thinking something that could poll various routers and such for MAC addresses and store them in a central database for if/when you need to find a specific MAC on your network somewhere. Along the lines of an IPAM system, but not as intense... just MAC accounting.
Anyone got any ideas? Preferably PHP and *SQL powered.

I also had an interesting conversation regarding second hand VM's, and their potential market value. I think they would be somewhat in-line with the DVD rewinder

Needs moar muzik... Let's see, this should suffice.