Crimson Poenix

Well, I'm completely unenthused, and otherwise bored on the whole. Fair warning this post may have no point what-so-ever as a result of the aforementioned mental-state.

A mysterious grey bar I don't recall seeing appeared at the top of my blog recently. If the file timestamps are to believed, this would have been about the time I was mucking around with some backups. Can't believe I never noticed it before now.
In any event, It was buried deep within the festering pit that is nested style sheets and their irregular hierarchies.
<plug>Not sure if I've mentioned it before or not, but Coda is epic. Fired it up for the first time since the 2.x release for the afore-mentioned irritant, and was able find and squelch it within a couple of clicks. The built-in MySQL editor is also looking pretty handy.</plug>

Random new project, because I don't already have enough half-started things. No idea what will become of it, but have a few ideas.

Also, damn it. I don't even know why I googled it. Oh, that's right... bored.

I have nothing to say about this one, just listen to it. Or don't. Whatever.