Magic Carpet Ride

Seems I broke my search indexer yonks ago. It's been fixed, so yay.

Dusted off one of the random project ideas I mentioned some time back, and actually got around doing something useful beyond the initial proof-of-concept.
Successes so far:

  • Registered my iPad, and Galaxy S4 as SIP stations
  • Inbound call forwarding from the PSTN to all active SIP clients
  • Outbound calling from SIP clients to the PSTN

Problems to solve next:

  • Stop my iPad's IPSEC VPN from disconnecting every time it's idle for more than 2 minutes
  • Find a VPN setup or App that'll work with my useless bloody S4
  • Decipher and set-up voicemail
  • Find a SIP client that doesn't blow big wind

By far and away, the biggest headache was daisy-chaining my 2811's voice-port off an analogue port on the office's phone system. However, having succeeded, I'm able to intercom co-workers from wherever I have wifi connectivity which is worth the price of admission right there.

The good folks at Juniper are doing a good job of keeping me happy. I received the EX2200-C-12T-2G for my collection of lab hardware today. Now I'm half inclined to ditch the 1811 in front of *, and shunt everything to my SRX100 to force familiarity levels beyond the casual mark.
However, now that most of my voice proof-of-concept is out of the way, the 2811 could probably replace it too…

Also, damn you iTunes. Damn you to hell… why don't you have this song?