So... on Volvo XC70's - Two things I don't like so far:

  1. There's no-where convenient for my iPod until I can find a 2' auxiliary cable

Peas and Rice

In the interests of actually completing a post, this is significantly shorter than I previously intended... Ho-well, needs must.

Rolling In The Deep

Yet another large expanse of time appears to have elapsed since my last post. Trying to get back in the groove and start posting on a regular basis.

Boogie Bumper

It's now officially known to me: It's not possible to terminate a pseudowire on a router subinterface. That is, at least - on a 7204VXR running advip 124-20.

Best Of Me

NAT's a funny thing, as it turns out.

Huboon Stomp

Have you ever had to deal with something so insanely stupid, that you just know it's going to ruin your week?


Today I was subtly reminded why piling 3 class C's onto a single 802.1q sub-interface is a bad idea.

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