Stand Tall

Two posts in one day. Wow... making up for lost time I guess.
Now that the spontaneous-ness of my last post has been dealt with, today was a Monday as per usual.
Though for whatever reason my mentalstate was slightly less befuddled than normal.

Lots of stuff broke, but it seemed to be a consistent pace, at least, rather than all at once.

Last weekend was a bit of a write-off, no further comments in that regard. Though, I do believe something's up with my phone - randomly deciding if it's going to buzz, ring, or otherwise - neither of the afore-mentioned.
Though, it'll decide to ring and buzz at around 1:00am, though being a Telus phone, only getting half a ring to react when you're asleep doesn't really work all that well.

OpenBSD 4.8's released. Lots, and lots of cool things to behold this go around.
The Book of PF, second edition is almost ready to roll too. I found the first edition to be particularly pleasing, though truth be told, there's nothing wrong with the pf faq, or man-pages.

And, php5-gd, no_x11 flavor is back in the i386 package tree!
Not sure why that's so pleasing, just means more work... heh.

Ho-hum... was feeling particularly creative today for some reason.
I hope this will end the argument once and for all.

Oh, one more quick thing. I found a dozen or so more amusing award winners for the legacy site. There may even be an epic action-horse-chase gif in there. Muahah!

Needz moar muzik!