Threw together a diagram to illustrate the experiment I got to put together a while back.


It's been one of those weeks.

I was completely and utterly floored by a problem at work today.

We No Speak Americano

Fast nfs is fast.

-----e@memnarch:/home $ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/test.dat bs=16k count=32000
32000+0 records in
32000+0 records out

Talkin' In My Sleep

Fiddled with the tracker view. Split it up into 'recent' and 'unpublished'.
Whoop-dee-doo you say? Well, now I can start a blog post, hit 'save', leave it unpublished, and finish it off later.

Cup Of Coffee

"zomg! getting ssh bruteforced! halp!"
"Here! Just add theses IP Tables rules..."

iptables -N blacklist 2>/dev/null
iptables -F blacklist

Cuba Libre

Spam, spam, spam.
New spam filter on scrollrack.

Quicksilver FTW

It suddenly dawned on me about 10 minutes ago, just how incredibly reliant on Quicksilver I am these days.

Open Your Eyes

I was telling a friend of mine about this comic over at

One More Time

Well, spamassassin's in.

root@scrollrack:~/cat sample.txt | mail -s Testing!

From - Sun Jul 18 01:24:09 2010
X-Account-Key: account4

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