Cuba Libre

Spam, spam, spam.
New spam filter on scrollrack.
Only processing on test, and my account to see what it does.

Things of note if I have to do this again.
- maildrop filter syntax since manpage is teh br0x0r
- this walkthrough for all it's typo's and linux-ism's, is handy 'till you get used to it.
Note to self, ignore all the stupid scripts, they leave a lot to be desired.

Having thrown dspam into the mix, (though it's early days yet), I've realized that qmail and vpopmail rock.
All the screwing around's worth it once you get it built.

Also, new code filter.
Let's see if it works...

-----e@scrollrack:~ $ head -40 /usr/local/src/qmail-1.03-patched/qmail.c | tail -10
      if (chdir(auto_qmail) == -1) _exit(61);

  qq->fdm = pim[1]; close(pim[0]);
  qq->fde = pie[1]; close(pie[0]);
  qq->flagerr = 0;
  return 0;

Also, work is up to it's usual stupid tricks.
No further comments.

Woot. New code filter works a treat. That said, Drupal, also rocks.

New random task - work out where spamassassin processing happens before/during/after mail delivery so I can intercept the messages before they are moved from ./tmp to ./cur in a users mailbox.
That or get bincimap to regenerate it's bincimap-cache on the fly without necessitating a user login first.