Quicksilver FTW

It suddenly dawned on me about 10 minutes ago, just how incredibly reliant on Quicksilver I am these days.
As far as productivity based apps go, I can't really remember how I managed without it. It's a shame all the windows spinoff's are so kludgy and stupid... Using it on my laptop at work would be nothing short of fantastic.

Heh, I was showing a friend of mine after telling him it's "The best app evar!!!1!one!". That very instant, I managed to find this amusing bug. Never before has "Disappeared in a puff of logic" been more fitting a term.
I'm happy to report, it was fixed last release. :]

On the note of cool apps, I actually sat down and used the Espresso web editor for a while tonight. I got it sometime last year as part of the Macheist bundle 3.
Where useful, tasteful, and easy to run with apps are concerned, this is right up there.

Humm... 1:30am again. Go figure.

<edit>I reckon It would be kinda neat to be able dance like this guy, on demand. And I'm not just saying that because almost all the songs on his uploads are in my playlist somewhere...
Heh, the carpet's pretty sweet too.</edit>