Talkin' In My Sleep

Fiddled with the tracker view. Split it up into 'recent' and 'unpublished'.
Whoop-dee-doo you say? Well, now I can start a blog post, hit 'save', leave it unpublished, and finish it off later.
Take this post for example, been sitting around for a day or so now half-done.

And now, for something completely different.

Life. Is. Complicated.

If you just sit back and think about how complicated it really, really is. I'm genuinely surprised it doesn't just collapse into a frothing pile of goop. Reading for example... That's not complicated. Not at all!

You're reading this text (or not, as I'm a firm believer of one particular demotivational poster, but that's irrelevant).
Synapses linked to neurons in my head fired electrical impulses where letters and words are stored.
Further impulses were fired, traveled across a network of nerves causing countless millions of cells contract and expand to manipulate calcified structures bound in yet more cells of various size, shape and nature.
Said structures apply force to a collection of specifically arranged polymers which apply pressure to a contact, which sends yet more electrical impulses into the mind-bogglingly complex collection of parts which make up the home computer.
It stores the collected impulses in countless thousands of transistor gates.
Then it all gets turned into a series of electrical impulses, and then light, back into electrical, into another computer, where a series of magnets dutifully manipulates polarity of tiny, tiny, tiny portions of a magnetic material sparingly coated overtop a ceramic platter, which spins at speed.
Only for the whole process to be reversed just for it to be read by no-one.

That said, I suffered a massive case of writers block in the midst of the afore-mentioned's transposition from mine neurons to the spindle of ceramic platters from whence this very text now comes, thus is the cause for it's un-avoidable detention in the realm of the unpublished blog posts.


Oh, I can relate. Oh, so very much indeed.

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