Open Your Eyes

I was telling a friend of mine about this comic over at Three Panel Soul.
To the uninitiated, it's a jab at Massively Multiplayer online games, where you pay a month-to-month fee to play and do the same things over and over. If you're lucky, you get enough points from doing the same thing over and over, and are rewarded with a level. This lets you do the same things over and over again in new and exciting ways at no extra charge!

In other news, I learned that running 'debug arp' on a router passing a little shy of 11,000 packets/sec is not a good plan.
Given as soon as I punched in that command, it starts spitting the data out of a console port at 9600baud, which I can guess would have been 960 characters per second in a perfect world (which I'm sure it wasn't).
At about 80-100ish characters per arp, It really didn't end well.
I'm sure 960CPS is way out (9600bits/sec, 10bits/char), but It's close enough I can be bothered to guestimate without getting carried away.