You Never Can Tell

Of all the weekends to get almost no sleep. This week is going to suck. Immensely.

Once again, the worlds screwed up digital media distribution channels have left me aghast.
I wanted to buy this. Hell, I'd even buy a complete CD or single filled with useless junk for the one song (Ahhhh... those were the days). But alas, neither of the many available distribution channels had it available for legal acquisition. Granted, the greek store has it listed, but that just drives my point home. It's right there! I probably wouldn't mind so much if the afore-mentioned channels hadn't all but killed retail chains that deal with physical media. At least then I could order the item as an 'import', pay an obscene fee, and expect to have ownership some three and a half weeks later.
Seriously, I'm not the only one.

I received an e-mail from the good folks at Evernote, telling me that's list of accounts was compromised.
"Huh. Good for them." I thought. I read on.
"We compared this list to our user email addresses and found that the email address you used to register for an Evernote account is on the list of exposed Adobe accounts."
This has left me wondering what cockamamy 3rd party created an account at on my behalf, given I don't own any Adobe products past or present. Best guess is maybe they created an account for me after acquisition of some other product or company, but nothing in their current or unsupported products is relevant to me. My money's on a third party doing it on my behalf though… I recognize some of the bogus information I've given at least one enterprise.
Curious to find out how difficult it is to close the account by phone.
Oh, also - thanks Evernote folks, for doing Adobe's job for them. Either Adobe's too hammered by the recoil of this, or hasn't bothered to inform anyone at all.