Shave It

Outlook's crashed... waiting for it to re-open which is putting some strain on the poor Lenovo on my desk. Figured I'd spell-check this unpublished post and throw it up while i'm waiting.

I don't think I'll ever fly to Calgary again any time soon.
Though I must concede, having been there, I can see absolutely no reason for Albertans to be such mindless retards when it comes to driving. It's not like their roads are poorly designed, or there's inadequate signs... it's just that everyone does stupid things all the time. Bah. I dunno. Maybe the better part of a whole day wasn't enough time to see the real reason for it.
Overall the journey was worth it though I suppose. I know this is the 2012, but for all intensive purposes the '08 looks exactly the same. The one exception being that the interior of mine is a much more appealing black and has no TV screens, but otherwise...
Got about 8.7l/100 (or ~28 MPG) on the trip back through Banff. That accounts for the hour and a half crawling out of Calgary at ~40km/h. Not bad for two-and-a-bit tonnes of Swedish sensibleness with all-wheel-drive.

Also, have I ever mentioned how much I hate D-Link routers? I think that at this stage, the very process of their creation reduces the overall worth of their components. Gah.

I know I've said it before, but I really need to do something about these youtube videos.