4 Million Ways

Am currently resisting the urge to install Sacrifice. A buddy of mine laughed when I said it was probably my favourite game of all time, dethroning the previous favourite of Anacreon.
I believe the conversation went something along the lines of... "I thought your favourite games only had text graphics!".
Come to think of it, George Moromisoto released Anacron 2.0 on his website a couple years back.
His other game Transcendence is also pretty epic actually. Think Nethack meets Star Control. A free play type world where you pilot a little ship, shoot pirates, raid wrecks and asteroids for better guns / armor, etc.
That said - Ignoring the fact that Anacreon, Nethack, and Dwarf Fortress all have ASCII graphics, Not all the games in my top 5 favourites are text/ASCII graphics only...
...Just most of them.

Hmm... spent 15 minutes with my tablet tonight. Grabbed Pixelmator last night to see what all the hubbub was about, and I have to say it is quite a good graphics editor.
Compared to my experience with Photochop, the tools seem to cater to my tablet extremely well. Now, if only I could get some skills to produce something that looks decent.
Oh-well. Side note, that sketch is slightly related to some crazy D&D idea I have in my head.