Nitro Narcosis

So, it seems all this time I thought I setup spamd for greylisting, but was actually blacklist-only.
Words cannot emphasize how stupid I felt having discovered this.
Suffice to say, I have since remedied the situation.

[root@zozu pf]# syslogc daemon | grep spamd | tail -5
Feb  9 21:53:17 zozu spamd[11939]: connected (1/1), lists: uofa
Feb  9 21:53:17 zozu spamd[11939]: connected (2/2), lists: uofa
Feb  9 21:55:13 zozu spamd[11939]: connected (3/3), lists: uofa
Feb  9 21:59:56 zozu spamd[11939]: disconnected after 399 seconds. lists: uofa
Feb  9 21:59:57 zozu spamd[11939]: disconnected after 400 seconds. lists: uofa
[root@zozu pf]#


Got to spend a couple days in Prince George this week for work related purposes. Naturally, being there the day after a snowfall, the streets were absolutely peachy.
Note: Though I'm aware that article is actually a year old, that doesn't excuse the fact that snow removal from Downtown, Central, and Northern Prince George is an absolute farce.
Oh-well... should be mostly cleaned up with any luck at all before my venture back up this coming Friday.

To switch gears rather randomly, It would seem my poor Blackberry Curve 2 seems to be becoming progressively more and more defective. It's recently begin the dreaded random reboots.
Only a couple of times a week, but it can only go downhill from here. I wouldn't otherwise mind, except it takes well over two minutes to start up.
I've given up on fixing not having a send option when composing or replying to e-mails.
Should anyone else have this problem, a 100% effective work-around, is to forward the message you wish to reply to. Or you could buy a Torch I guess.

Not much else to report of late. Slipped on some ice last weekend. I was lucky/unlucky enough to catch myself with me left elbow.
According to ye-olde doctors - somethings torn in the shoulder, but not serious owing to the lack of swelling. Hurts like an absolute bugger though if I pick up anything with much weight to it. One week of no-lifty-heavy-objects at least.

Everybody Dance!