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For some random reason, the errors spit out by my attempts at getting the new patched qmail build to process messages suddenly sparked the eccentric ramblings of <pLaGuE-DoG>.
Gosh. I suddenly have the urge to find a way to run Starsiege on something and rip his quotes... some of them were amazing.

Now, about that error...

@400000004c2ada070341e29c starting delivery 10: msg 78812 to local sarlok.com-test@sarlok.com
@400000004c2ada070353d45c status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
@400000004c2ada072ab6789c delivery 10: success:

Ugh. Probably something simple, but after all the issues I had getting vpopmail to compile and link, maybe not.
Huh... upon reflection, the clock on the erorr is out of whack. 5:43am? I wonder where the heck that's coming from. Localtime and database time checkout... -8 hrs takes it the wrong direction.
Frick. And clam's choking on something, which is odd as it's not actually meant to process stuff yet. *twitch*
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<edit>For the record, that error was simple. Make sure the idiot in charge of compiling qmail sets up tcprules *properly*, and what's more creates a /etc/tcp.smtp. weeee!</edit>