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Talkin' In My Sleep

Fiddled with the tracker view. Split it up into 'recent' and 'unpublished'.
Whoop-dee-doo you say? Well, now I can start a blog post, hit 'save', leave it unpublished, and finish it off later.
Take this post for example, been sitting around for a day or so now half-done.

And now, for something completely different.

Life. Is. Complicated.

If you just sit back and think about how complicated it really, really is. I'm genuinely surprised it doesn't just collapse into a frothing pile of goop. Reading for example... That's not complicated. Not at all!

You're reading this text (or not, as I'm a firm believer of one particular demotivational poster, but that's irrelevant).
Synapses linked to neurons in my head fired electrical impulses where letters and words are stored.
Further impulses were fired, traveled across a network of nerves causing countless millions of cells contract and expand to manipulate calcified structures bound in yet more cells of various size, shape and nature.
Said structures apply force to a collection of specifically arranged polymers which apply pressure to a contact, which sends yet more electrical impulses into the mind-bogglingly complex collection of parts which make up the home computer.
It stores the collected impulses in countless thousands of transistor gates.
Then it all gets turned into a series of electrical impulses, and then light, back into electrical, into another computer, where a series of magnets dutifully manipulates polarity of tiny, tiny, tiny portions of a magnetic material sparingly coated overtop a ceramic platter, which spins at speed.
Only for the whole process to be reversed just for it to be read by no-one.

That said, I suffered a massive case of writers block in the midst of the afore-mentioned's transposition from mine neurons to the spindle of ceramic platters from whence this very text now comes, thus is the cause for it's un-avoidable detention in the realm of the unpublished blog posts.


Oh, I can relate. Oh, so very much indeed.

Elite Fleet Ep. 2 - The Broken Code

Stand Tall

Two posts in one day. Wow... making up for lost time I guess.
Now that the spontaneous-ness of my last post has been dealt with, today was a Monday as per usual.
Though for whatever reason my mentalstate was slightly less befuddled than normal.

Lots of stuff broke, but it seemed to be a consistent pace, at least, rather than all at once.

Last weekend was a bit of a write-off, no further comments in that regard. Though, I do believe something's up with my phone - randomly deciding if it's going to buzz, ring, or otherwise - neither of the afore-mentioned.
Though, it'll decide to ring and buzz at around 1:00am, though being a Telus phone, only getting half a ring to react when you're asleep doesn't really work all that well.

OpenBSD 4.8's released. Lots, and lots of cool things to behold this go around.
The Book of PF, second edition is almost ready to roll too. I found the first edition to be particularly pleasing, though truth be told, there's nothing wrong with the pf faq, or man-pages.

And, php5-gd, no_x11 flavor is back in the i386 package tree!
Not sure why that's so pleasing, just means more work... heh.

Ho-hum... was feeling particularly creative today for some reason.
I hope this will end the argument once and for all.

Oh, one more quick thing. I found a dozen or so more amusing award winners for the legacy site. There may even be an epic action-horse-chase gif in there. Muahah!

Needz moar muzik!

Cup Of Coffee

"zomg! getting ssh bruteforced! halp!"
"Here! Just add theses IP Tables rules..."

iptables -N blacklist 2>/dev/null
iptables -F blacklist
iptables -A blacklist -m recent --name blacklist --set
iptables -A blacklist -j DROP
iptables -N ssh 2>/dev/null
iptables -F ssh

iptables -A ssh -m recent --update --name blacklist --seconds 320 --hitcount 1 -j DROP

iptables -A ssh -m recent --set --name count1

iptables -A ssh -m recent --update --name count1 --seconds 10 --hitcount 3 -j blacklist

iptables -A ssh -j ACCEPT

"Finally, drop it into your INPUT table somewhere:"

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -j ssh


That sort of stuff makes me cry.
It also makes me happy that I was introduced to pf a few years back.

block drop in quick from <abusers> to any

pass in quick on $wan proto tcp to ($wan) port ssh flags S/SA keep state \
        (max-src-conn 2, max-src-conn-rate 3/10, overload <abusers> flush global)

Koo koo ka choo!

Fix Me Now

Do spammers even try anymore? Seriously... what the hell is this Scheiße supposed to mean?
Even not taking into account the bad math and non-existent HTML skills, I'd say Cat like typing detected, but that would be an insult to cats.

we plan to my co workers and I found she sent me this to get between $290 to $0,117 we didn't think it was possible until I saw the software since i began money has only increased. y0u will only be required sign up for the free program href="">go here to read the articlea/;

That's all I have to say currently.

Actually, one more thing to add. This hit's home pretty damn well.

Cuba Libre

Spam, spam, spam.
New spam filter on scrollrack.
Only processing on test, and my account to see what it does.

Things of note if I have to do this again.
- maildrop filter syntax since manpage is teh br0x0r
- this walkthrough for all it's typo's and linux-ism's, is handy 'till you get used to it.
Note to self, ignore all the stupid scripts, they leave a lot to be desired.

Having thrown dspam into the mix, (though it's early days yet), I've realized that qmail and vpopmail rock.
All the screwing around's worth it once you get it built.

Also, new code filter.
Let's see if it works...

-----e@scrollrack:~ $ head -40 /usr/local/src/qmail-1.03-patched/qmail.c | tail -10
      if (chdir(auto_qmail) == -1) _exit(61);

  qq->fdm = pim[1]; close(pim[0]);
  qq->fde = pie[1]; close(pie[0]);
  qq->flagerr = 0;
  return 0;

Also, work is up to it's usual stupid tricks.
No further comments.

Woot. New code filter works a treat. That said, Drupal, also rocks.

New random task - work out where spamassassin processing happens before/during/after mail delivery so I can intercept the messages before they are moved from ./tmp to ./cur in a users mailbox.
That or get bincimap to regenerate it's bincimap-cache on the fly without necessitating a user login first.


When I saw a banner for this, it was totally not what I was expecting.
It's infinitely cooler than I was expecting.

Also, What the futch ftpd? What is wrong with you?

-----e@scrollrack:~ $ ftp localhost
Connected to localhost.
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.
ftp> o
Connected to
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.
ftp> quit
-----e@scrollrack:~ $ sudo syslogc ftp
Oct  7 01:09:32 scrollrack ftpd[13869]: could not open control socket
Oct  7 01:09:38 scrollrack ftpd[5500]: could not open control socket
-----e@scrollrack:~ $ grep ftpd /etc/inetd.conf | head -1
ftp             stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/ftpd       ftpd -ADUSdl

Seriously... this problem doesn't exist on the internets. How in the bloody hell did this break?
The best lead I've been able to find is in ./src/libexec/ftpd/ftpd.c, which isn't much help.

* Open sockets, bind it to the FTP port, and start
* listening.
n = 0;
for (res = res0; res; res = res->ai_next) {
fds[n] = socket(res->ai_family, res->ai_socktype,
if (fds[n] < 0)

if (setsockopt(fds[n], SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR,
    &on, sizeof(on)) < 0) {
fds[n] = -1;

if (bind(fds[n], res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen) < 0) {
fds[n] = -1;
if (listen(fds[n], 32) < 0) {
fds[n] = -1;

pfds[n].fd = fds[n];
pfds[n].events = POLLIN;

if (n == 0) {
syslog(LOG_ERR, "could not open control socket");

Wow. It can't open a socket. Well DUH. But Why?
I mean, 'n' equalling zero is easy enough, but why does if fail to that point?

Also, it occurs to me that my <code> meta-tags aren't processing whitespace... that also needs to be fixed.


Road To Somewhere

Well... got memnarch skeleton somewhat up and running.
Nothing else really to say currently.


But I just wanna play it right

Nothing significant to say today.
Waiting for -current to transfer over to the new memnarch server so I can try and get gd to work and stuff.

... actually, this has some significance.

-----e@thallid:~> uptime
  5:18pm  up 861 days  4:25,  1 user,  load average: 0.03, 0.02, 0.03
-----e@thallid:~> sudo shutdown -h now

thallid was shut down last week, probably never to be powered on again. Not as thallid at any rate.
I'd almost feel bad to format it in an odd kind of way. It was my first actual server, granted it was made out of random parts and a sketchy ATX form factor 1U rack-mount case, but still.

Also, I stand corrected. I gotta get me one of these helmets.
In fact, one of those cubic platforms would be pretty epic too.

Forever Autumn

Well. I'm not quite sure what to make of this.
Though, I had forgotten completely about his wager.


OOO! Random weirdness! This word looks horribly wrong!


Look at it... Twelfth! Seriously, twelfth? I know it's in the dictionary and correct, but my mind refuses to acknowledge that it's somehow been approved as a real word.

Lunch was unusually enjoyable today. Perhaps because it was so unusual from my norm.
Maybe it's because I only got half an hour's sleep last night. My inhibitor has been suffering badly as a result.

I'm going to have to do something about all these embedded youtube video's.
Kinda getting out of hand... cluttering up the place.

Also, I apologize for the sudden fixation I've seemed to develop with Jazz, but considering no-one reads this anyway, I'm sure you'll get over it.

Incidentally... I also seem compelled to learn to play either this, or one of these.
Again, no idea why.


Shpongolese Spoken Here

So, trying to recompile php5 and it's related extensions from ports to include php5-gd, no_x11.
I can't upload images into the gallery, and have it automagically resize and generate thumbnails and stuffs until the gd library is added back into the works. :(
OpenBSD 4.6 (memnarch VM on thallid was 4.6) had it in the stable package tree.
4.7 as it turns out, does not... well... not for the i386 arch anyway.

It was doing well.

root@scrollrack:/usr/ports/www/php5/extensions # env FLAVOR="no_x11 no_pgsql no_pdo_pgsql no_pdo_sqlite" make                 
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: libxml-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: gettext->=0.17 - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: metaauto-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: autoconf-2.13 - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: gettext->=0.10.38 - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: libiconv-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: bzip2-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: curl-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: gdbm-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: jpeg-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: png-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: t1lib-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: gmp-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: c-client-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: openldap-client-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: libmcrypt-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: libltdl-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: mhash-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: mysql-client-* - found
===>  php5-extensions-5.2.13 depends on: iodbc-* - not found
===>  Verifying install for iodbc-* in databases/iodbc
===>  Checking files for iodbc-3.52.6
`/usr/ports/distfiles/libiodbc-3.52.6.tar.gz' is up to date.
>> (SHA256) libiodbc-3.52.6.tar.gz: OK
===>  iodbc-3.52.6p0 depends on: pango-* - not found
===>  Verifying install for pango-* in devel/pango
===>  pango-1.24.5p0  uses X11, but /usr/X11R6 not found.
===> Returning to build of iodbc-3.52.6p0
===>  iodbc-3.52.6p0 depends on: pango-* - not found
===>  Verifying install for pango-* in devel/pango
===>  pango-1.24.5p0  uses X11, but /usr/X11R6 not found.
===> Returning to build of iodbc-3.52.6p0
Dependency check failed
*** Error code 1

Crap, crap, crap.
Other dependencies that don't like the no_x11 flavor. I really don't want to have to add X just for this stupid library... though, I guess it only needs it for freetype and other related font-y garbage which I'm not using anyway. Suppose I could add it and then just remove all traces of X afterwards.
Or... I suppose I could try and do a pretend package add, though I suspect that won't do me any good.
Ohwell. Progress marked, too late to be bothered to keep fiddling with it now.

In other news, no other news to report as such.

Ronin's Llama's Llama tastes of Llama.

Heh... randomly checking up on some of my characters that have fell idle in Cylix' wake on Abandoned Codex.
I have the weirdest stuff in some of my characters bio's.

Quakank oocs 'd00d. that's awesome.'
Vicks oocs 'you could put a turkey in it'
Vicks oocs 'and then wear it'
Quakank oocs 'i COULD!'

You give the head of Phindar to a little girl.
You hug her.

Gareth appears in a cloud of swirling mist.
Gareth has created a grazing cow!
With divine righteousness, Gareth turns a grazing cow into a pillar of salt.
You hear a grazing cow's death cry.
Gareth leaves heavenwards.

Akastron: can i remort G
Neq: wait are you serious aka?
Akastron: i wanna be an augurer
Ronin: *chokes on his hot chocolate*

For those not in the know, Augurers aren't all that popular for some reason.
That and Ronin, my character, is an Augurer.

Also... Freestylers, and Pendulum? I'm sold.