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I hereby re-instate my previous statement from last week.
I fucking HATE Fridays.

That is all.

Renzi, I hope you're paying attention.

And it works for any song they say? How have I not heard of this before now?

Gosh darn it!

I hereby retract my post from Friday.

... that is all

That's actually kinda creepy.

Warning! Fault detected in Inhibition circuitry!

My mind does silly things like forget what country I'm in when I'm tired. Fortunately that's all that tends to slip by my inhibitor.

[13:02] Co-worker: Pathview is measuring  7 to 8% packet loss with almost 20% utilization?
[13:15] You: sorry, had to suddenly run around the office like a madman for some reason.
That prediction does seem a little bit off.
[13:18] You: heh, checking rtr 1 doesn't help if I never started it I suppose.
[13:18] Co-worker: Heh
[13:20] You: Unless the utilization is coming from the stacking on 2/16 on the 5505...
Weird how that lost carrier counter is still slowly incrementing.
[13:20] Co-worker: On which?
[13:21] You: the 7200's telus facing e2/0.
57 output errors, 57 of which are 'lost carrier'
[13:21] You: That's since I messaged you at 12:17 this arvo
[13:22] Co-worker: arvo?
[13:22] You: sorry. afternoon.
[13:22] You: damn canadian english

I can has animooted gif naow plz?

Another quick update. Another mostly for my own reference.
When setting up an article, post, et al. for a 'teaser' view, use the <!--break--> tag to tell the engine where to end the article in the teaser view.

Incidentally, made a new view. I give to you... stuff. Anything not bloggy, or image gallery related will wind up there.

There, now that I've said that. Zomg! Check out this kitty!.
And it's not even Caturday! Found the images on the sd card in my old phone carcass. A string of pictures of one of my good friend's kittie's named Beaker.



Nothing major today. Just found this to be a profound statement, and could be applied to 90% of the conversations I tend to have in one way, shape, or form.

    Sometimes all the left hand needs to know is where the right hand is, so it knows where to point the blame.

Actually... Just for the record, these guys are amazing. Granted though, the video's a little odd.

Half past 10, and allll's crap

Well, 11:00pm, but who's counting?
Just finished up some work catch-up. In my infinite wisdom I spent a day in Prince George. Though not technically 'working', I wasn't technically off either.
That, naturally, set me back by a few days.

Ho hum. Completed a new qmail build with a half-dozen patches. Partly to get some spam controls and antivirus stuff in place before it becomes an issue, as opposed to having to start dealing with it when the inevitable spam hitting my inbox becomes a flood.

Thallid's rapidly becoming outgrown. Partly because of the number of VM's I want to run on it, but mostly because of the memory leak I'm too stubborn to reboot the server to clean up.

---e@thallid:~> top -n1 |grep total
Tasks: 112 total,   1 running, 111 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
Mem:   2060764k total,  1987116k used,    73648k free,   290168k buffers
Swap:  2104472k total,  1158600k used,   945872k free,  1196764k cached
---e@thallid:~> uptime
10:35pm  up 633 days 10:42,  1 user,  load average: 6.08, 5.02, 2.01

Granted an uptime of 633 days is pretty measly, but it was inadvertently reset when a backup power cut went horribly wrong. That and for a bog standard Linux instal running FluxBox as a WM and right now a single VM with 512MB of ram allocated to it just to keep it afloat, that's bloody terrible. Ahwell... whatever.

I was totally going to rant about how stupid the Winter Olympic games are in what effect they've had on society in the area, but as I was only inconvenienced for two hours overall, I really can't complain now, can I?

Oh, new image, my RudolphXP sketch cleaned up sortof.

Rudolph the red nosed... uh... what?

Found some stuff on the remains of one of my old computer's hard drives. Amongst which was a short intro I wrote for a character I dreamed up for an adventure using the Tri-Stat dX system. The campaign, sadly, ended before my character got to exercise it's rail gun too much.

"One gloomy Christmas night, Florida state's governing figure, given his severe distrust of the military, asked Aegis corp. to investigate why a large hole appeared violently in a remote part of his state."

Read the rest here.
Also, here's a (rough) sketch I cobbled together whilst playing around with my tablet.
Admittedly, the sketch is far different to what I envisioned while writing the intro - think more along the lines of one of Invader Zim's robot probes from Battle of the Planets, but my initial sketches ended up looking *exactly* the same. So, completely different is is, though slightly less venomous.

Search you say? WTF... why don't it work?

Site search is working now. As it turns out, it doesn't run so well with no index to search against. So, Gallery, a blog, and a search... now what do I do with this thing?
What do all those mybook, and facespace people do with their accounts?

Well THERE's your problem!

There, image gallery fixed... ...for now.

in .sites/all/modules/image/views.css
// get the size of images
// TODO: If the user adds more than one image field with different sizes... this breaks


So, here's the new blog thingamajig. The image gallery tables are all messed up, but I'll probably get that fixed as I'm tearing this theme apart over the next week or so anyway.
Once I get that sorted, there's a handy-dandy auto-import-majig. Upload the files, give them some tags, hit import and whammo - instant gallery.

Meanwhile, here's a cartoon!