System time:  Wed/07/24 : 07:47:48


Doing it wrong!

Alas poor lighttpd, I barely knew ye...

...but then again, perhaps that was the first problem.
I barely knew it.

But I did know it was easier to dump it in favour of the stock httpd that OpenBSD runs rather than work out why php-fastcgi kept choking on who-knows-what.

Otherwise, thallid 2.0 has been ordered. Actually, it was ordered a while ago. ETA is Jun 17th (!!) which is practically a hojillion years. But that's okay. It's not like that memory leak is getting any worse...
...oh, wait.

---e@thallid:~> top -n1 | grep total
Tasks: 117 total,   1 running, 116 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
Mem:   2060764k total,  2044952k used,    15812k free,   249192k buffers
Swap:  2104472k total,  1630016k used,   474456k free,   940736k cached
---e@thallid:~> uptime
  6:39pm  up 746 days  5:46,  1 user,  load average: 7.20, 7.08, 6.68

Nothing else to say really, so, toodles for now.

Passed Around

New small content thing.
Quotes - a small stub off stuff. Not sure why I made it exactly... was just in the mood I suppose.

Also... damn you Genius... damn you.


So, I seem to have this thing with the HTC Touch.
On my last trip to a conference in Vancouver, it died. You see, the adhesive keeping the membrane and lower layers separated melts, and seeps down between the two layers. The touch-sensitive membrane then becomes permanently stuck to the back (and presumably front) layers resulting in an endless state of "There's something touching this part of the screen!"
Okay, cool. No phone for the conference, life goes on.
Warranty replacement when I get back, it's all good. Then, off to Cleveland for a certification course.
Jokingly, I laughed "Wouldn't it be funny if my phone died again...". It did, 1 day into the flight schedule. Same problem.
Okay, no problem. I sorta planned for worst case. Go go gadget Skype.
Seems warranty replacements come with a 1 month warranty or something stupid, no problem. Work has a cellular department / reseller deal with one of the local carriers.
Set me up with the old demo version of the afore-mentioned phone.
Here we are today, Another conference. I just yesterday was laughing at the signs of yet another melty-from-use-while-out-of-town-screen. "It will probably last another two or so days before I'm hosed."
Yeah... two days was generous. It was buggered this morning, which is irritating when you require the touch sensitive screen to dismiss the alarm that's going off.
Constantly going off.
Every 5 seconds.
"Great... I'll pull the battery and put it back in." *does so*
Phone boots up, alarm goes off.


And we'll all float on anyway...

Nothing special to say right now. So... Watch these!

Aaaaannnd.... Best for last:

I wish I could remember the name of this skit

May not be 100% accurate, but it was pretty darn close. Saw the skit on Comedy Club 54 or some such thing.

Well one dalefay, i decalfided to go dulfuck hunting. so i picked up my gulfun and my bulfucket of alfamunilfition full of bullfullets and got in the calfar.
I put the killfey in the ignilfition and stallfarted the calfar. I pullfulled out of the dralfiveway and i drolfove and drolfove and drolfoved someolfore...but prillfittysilfoon i got to the lalefake. I picked up my gulfun and i walefated and i walefated, and prillfittysilfoon along came those dulfucks, "qualfack, qualfack, qualfack."
I aimed my gulfun "clilfick clilfick.....SPLALFAT" smallfart dulfuck, he knew i didnt have a bullfullet in my gulfun. So i picked up a bullfullet out of my bullfucket of alfamunilfition full of bullfullets and put it in my gulfun. I calfocked my gulfun and i walefated and i walefated, but prillfittysilfoon along came those dulfucks again, "qualfack qualfack qualfack" i aimed my gulfun "BALFANG! BALFANG!....solfun of a bilfitch i milfissed him.

Zuglar Mengmezum cancels build wall: On fire

So there's a new build of Dwarf Fortress.

My first two journeys haven't gone so well if I'm honest.
Skeletal fire imps crawled out of a nearby magma vent and set my ice fortress and it's inhabitants ablaze before the end of the first season. For the record - using Cows as guard animals rather than dogs say, not so effective.
Next time, take dogs.

Second settlement lasted a good three seasons. But then some goblins snuck in through the incomplete marble tower / coin vault / barracks I was building and slaughtered my army in it's sleep.
Then the giant cave swallows came in mightily upset that I'd already killed most of them off for meat and finished off my then crippled colony.
Next time, put a roof on the damn vault.

I decided to celebrate these two less than successful voyages by reading through the log of a fortress played in succession by a bunch of goons from Something Awful - which might give you some idea as to how it went.
The trials and tribulations of the settlement "Boatmurdered" is an absolute riot to read, even if you haven't actually played the game. Spent the better part of an hour cackling to myself.
I'll never look at elephant's the same.

Maybe on my next go around, I'll embark in a goblin fortress. Tunnel in and ambush them from below, that could work.
Glory Awaits!


I think this has to be one of the strangest songs I've ever heard in my life, but it makes me smile every time it rolls by on random.
Maybe it's got something to do with the vocal's reminding me of TIMMY! from south park... who knows.
Incidentally - their whole album is fantastic.

Otherwise, nothing new to report really.

Doomy day of breaky doom

So, the day itself wasn't particularly bad. Couple of small issues to deal with at work off the get-go, passed by without too much incident.
Leaving the office 5:45ish. Spilled my (by then - cold) coffee all over my desk, minor set-back, no big deal.
And hey, my desk smells like coffee now! Mmm...
Make it home, fire up my my Windows workhorse PC, grab some dinner, launch GNS, drag in some routers.
Stop the GNS project, begin to examine the folk's PC which has a seemingly more dead than dying hard drive - begin disaster recovery.
After getting sick of watching windows choke on itself and the dying drive (not the primary, of-course) One BSD cd and dd later, the data's copying from one to the other. Slowly, but copying. 22MB/sec isn't too bad for a dead hard-drive after all.
Back to my simulation... link the routers, fire them up, brother walks in "Is there something up with the internet? It was working just a minute ago."
Disconnect workhorse PC from the network out of sheer paranoia.
Log into home firewall, check stuff, WAN seems awfully quiet.
Hook up to DSL directly, still really quiet as far as traffic goes... Can't get any further than the office router's loopbacks... crap.
Call sysadmin in PG, head down to the office, better & different view of the network from there.
Manage to get into one of the PG routers, gi1/0's down and down. Well THERE's your problem!.
Thank god for on-site spares. Another hour later, back home.
Sit back down in front of my simulation. Hmm... windows is being a bit of a pain, explorer process has gone nuts. Fine, relaunch... or not. Zombied, great. Okay, fine... stop the sim. Reboot.
*booting stuff happens*
Blue screen. YAY! And it's rebooting on stop for some dumb reason - not helpful.
*booting stuff happens*
Windows crashed, yada, yada, go-go-gadget safe mode.
*booting stuff happens*
Blue screen... Crap.
Go-go-gadget re-install.
23:22, and setup will complete in approximately 19 minutes.
I wonder how that drive transfer's going...

Free the robots

Not a lot to report. Some new images in the gallery, some of the interesting stuff that actually survived my poor photography skills whilst at Toorcon's Toorcamp.
That said, some are courtesy of others with whom I went down to Washington with.
The silo where the event was held, is located at 47°11'15.37"N, 118°49'18.05"W, but I think it's a secret - so Shhhhhhhh!

Actually, one quick note - I always like coming across stuff like this in my servers logs from time to time. A warm reminder of some of the awesome stuff OpenBSD does out of the box.
Mar 22 13:54:38 cursedscroll suhosin[20633]: ALERT - configured request variable value length limit exceeded - dropped variable 'body' (attacker '', file '/var/www/htdocs/drupal/index.php')

And lastly...

Why can't we be friends?

You know, aside from complaining about stuff, it's quite often difficult to think of anything worth writing about.
Something to say that will not be read by the countless trillions that don't read my blog.
I keep staring at the calendar on my wall which this month, features a fluffy cat fearlessly attacking some bubbles, and my mind wanders. Upon my minds return, the clock next to it has advanced by at least 5 minutes.
Maybe it's the headache I've had for the last two days, maybe I'm more tired than I feel... Maybe the rut I fought to get away from 5 and a half-years ago when I applied for a new job has returned... I don't know.
For all the things that seem to change, nothing ever seems to be different. Quite an odd feeling, one I can't quite put my finger on.

Two new images in the gallery. Ducks are nice, and a bridge. No hotlinks, I'm sure you can find them well enough whoever you are.

So many males, so few men

It's a shame men are required for the human race to propagate. I mean, really.
Men are the most vile, disgusting, foul, loathsome creatures on the face of the planet. Let's not forget: loud, obnoxious, irritating, and god help you if you find yourself in or near a group of others.
There must be some mysterious force in the universe that drains the overall intelligence of the human male exponentially while within close proximity to one-other, greater still when in multiples of three.

Well, that feels better.

Hooray! The olympics are finally over!
The closing ceremony was... different. Aside from it's quirky-ness, the only thing I really liked were the maple leaf come butter-fly's. Though, I wonder where they found their giant inflatable moose.