Rolling In The Deep

Yet another large expanse of time appears to have elapsed since my last post. Trying to get back in the groove and start posting on a regular basis.
That said however, there hasn't been much in the way of developments that one might regard as being of any interest... so that will complicate matters somewhat.

I may have touched on pseudowires briefly in a previous post some time back.
One of my co-workers was kind enough to point out this interesting one-liner which explains a lot for being such a short sentence - and very easy to miss.

  • Sessions between the same Layer 2 protocols; for example, Ethernet-to-Ethernet, VLAN-to-VLAN, but not VLAN-to-Ethernet or Frame Relay
    I must have read and re-read that document about 3 times over the course of the evening while I was playing around with them last. Go-go-gadget observation skills... couldn't believe I missed that one.
    Still doesn't really explain the swath of errors I was seeing, but maybe that was just dynamips.

    Anyway, rambling aside - it would seem that is possible to drop a pseudowire on an 802.1q subinterface, provided the l2 interfaces match either end. This makes them frighteningly useful.

    On the lighter side of things - if I haven't already pointed it out yet, go read Lackadaisy Cats. I'm not saying that just because the characters are depicted by cats... it is genuinely funny, and I do so love the art style. Some may even say it's magically delicious - present company included.
    I do highly recommend reading it the start. Or at least read this mini-comic to get a feel for it.

    There has been a renewed interest in the Übernet of late. Dust off all the bits and pieces I acquired a couple years back, and have started their respective assembly.
    I may or may not have also picked up a few new pieces to add to the mix. Could be fun.
    Stay tuned for further developments!

    Hum... 23:31 and I'm supposed to be at work by 06:00 to prep for a teleconference. Whoops... silly me.