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Oh yeah, I have a blog... geeze.

Been busy re-wiring the new house. Mostly done. Furnace tried to burn the house down when the blower motor blew and the breaker failed. Pictures to come in the spring I guess.

I've run into this a few times on some of our production OpenBSD boxes now, and I'm always spending too much time remembering how to fix it:

arpresolve: route without link local address

Usually caused because:
The address in the log message was probably deleted and re-added, or moved to a different interface.

To fix:
Find, delete, and re-add all the static routes pointing at the host it's complaining about as you probably have some statics on the box for re-distribution or other dumb tricks

It seems bug-ish to me, since for all intensive purposes nothing's actually broken. It just spams your syslog a few hundred times a second (or more if your box is really busy).
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