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Installed scarecone, re-jigged my esx hosts to use both nic's.

Things I learned;

  • Juniper's reference-bandwidth is skewed. A reference-bandwidth of 1000M in Juniper does not produce the same metrics as 1000M on my 1811 or 2811. Had to crank the Juniper up to 10000M to advertise equivalent metrics.
  • Having an outstanding issue logging into the SRX from Cisco IOS doodads, even though the SRX appears to be using a 1024 bit cipher.

Not sure where the fault lies with the ssh thing yet... could be the Cisco client I suppose. Time will tell.

*Oct 26 22:18:24.404 PDT: SSH2 CLIENT 0:
Invalid modulus length
*Oct 26 22:18:24.404 PDT: SSH CLIENT0: key exchange failure (code = 0)
*Oct 26 22:18:24.404 PDT: SSH CLIENT0: Session disconnected - error 0x00

My next challenges;
Find a way to advertise prefixes based on VRRP status
Get NAT working on the SRX
Piggyback minecraft off an existing VM rather than run on its own
Hook-up touchstone
Get an SSL certificate
Move most of the VM's to myr
Re-build fluctuator with larger drives
And work out how to fit a UPS in the co-lo rack.

This is totally not a music video.
Warning: Tastefully garnished with gratuitous placement of the F word.
Warning Supplimentary: May not actually be funny, but made me smile in my current mental-state.