Social Know-How

Sank a couple of hours into Dwarf Fortress this weekend. Up to my usual standard of slaughtering dwarves en-masse. Weekend highlights:
Scaly, horned, forgotten beast that spits poisonous clouds broke into the colony from the network of underground caves I unearthed. 1 Casualty, 1 injury whom proceeded to spread miasma all over the colony for a few seasons.
Some 3 seasons later, a Giant Roc - the wings of death, 4 Casualties, 7 injuries
Just as my squads were regrouping from the Roc, a Goblin invasion force stormed through; 27 casualties, 12 injuries
One lone remaining goblin got 5 final kills in and several more maimings before eventually falling to a cage trap.
My once mighty military force and network of traps are all but depleted, by this point. But wait! There's more!
Queue Camoye Refearazi the mighty Minotaur! Finally taken down by my 2 remaining marksdwarves whom beat him to death with their crossbows. Casualties 3 military, 18 civilians, and a countless number of injuries.
These events have had a considerably detrimental effect on my colonies morale. Close to half of the remaining population take turns throwing tantrums.
The upshot is that I have some 12 captive goblin prisoners to throw into the arena... just need to build the damn thing now, heh.

In other news... Was setting up a test device to run bulk TCP transfers and such on at one of our remote sites, and found that MAC OSX sends TCP packets with a 1448byte payload.
Just one day prior, this was observed doing some other testing with an odd application-layer problem we've been running into. Didn't think about it too much at the time, but seeing it again while quickly testing ftp/http/sftp, etc, it got me thinking.
Not really going anywhere here, but I came across this article and found it to be fairly enlightening.

That said, hooray for sysctl, seems to take effect immediately.

~ sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.rfc1323=0

I expect it won't persist across reboots.
<plug>Not as though that's a problem with OSX.</plug>

Augh. Monday tomorrow already. Not looking forward to the morning at all.
'Fixing' untested, un-engineered circuits after they've been sold and put into production, for the record - not awesome. Gettin' right back into the 'ol routine somethin' fierce.

No video today. Trying to cut back.
Here, have this instead: The White Mink, Electro Swing Speakeasy.