So, I seem to have this thing with the HTC Touch.
On my last trip to a conference in Vancouver, it died. You see, the adhesive keeping the membrane and lower layers separated melts, and seeps down between the two layers. The touch-sensitive membrane then becomes permanently stuck to the back (and presumably front) layers resulting in an endless state of "There's something touching this part of the screen!"
Okay, cool. No phone for the conference, life goes on.
Warranty replacement when I get back, it's all good. Then, off to Cleveland for a certification course.
Jokingly, I laughed "Wouldn't it be funny if my phone died again...". It did, 1 day into the flight schedule. Same problem.
Okay, no problem. I sorta planned for worst case. Go go gadget Skype.
Seems warranty replacements come with a 1 month warranty or something stupid, no problem. Work has a cellular department / reseller deal with one of the local carriers.
Set me up with the old demo version of the afore-mentioned phone.
Here we are today, Another conference. I just yesterday was laughing at the signs of yet another melty-from-use-while-out-of-town-screen. "It will probably last another two or so days before I'm hosed."
Yeah... two days was generous. It was buggered this morning, which is irritating when you require the touch sensitive screen to dismiss the alarm that's going off.
Constantly going off.
Every 5 seconds.
"Great... I'll pull the battery and put it back in." *does so*
Phone boots up, alarm goes off.