Warning! Fault detected in Inhibition circuitry!

My mind does silly things like forget what country I'm in when I'm tired. Fortunately that's all that tends to slip by my inhibitor.

[13:02] Co-worker: Pathview is measuring  7 to 8% packet loss with almost 20% utilization?
[13:15] You: sorry, had to suddenly run around the office like a madman for some reason.
That prediction does seem a little bit off.
[13:18] You: heh, checking rtr 1 doesn't help if I never started it I suppose.
[13:18] Co-worker: Heh
[13:20] You: Unless the utilization is coming from the stacking on 2/16 on the 5505...
Weird how that lost carrier counter is still slowly incrementing.
[13:20] Co-worker: On which?
[13:21] You: the 7200's telus facing e2/0.
57 output errors, 57 of which are 'lost carrier'
[13:21] You: That's since I messaged you at 12:17 this arvo
[13:22] Co-worker: arvo?
[13:22] You: sorry. afternoon.
[13:22] You: damn canadian english