Rudolph the red nosed... uh... what?

Found some stuff on the remains of one of my old computer's hard drives. Amongst which was a short intro I wrote for a character I dreamed up for an adventure using the Tri-Stat dX system. The campaign, sadly, ended before my character got to exercise it's rail gun too much.

"One gloomy Christmas night, Florida state's governing figure, given his severe distrust of the military, asked Aegis corp. to investigate why a large hole appeared violently in a remote part of his state."

Read the rest here.
Also, here's a (rough) sketch I cobbled together whilst playing around with my tablet.
Admittedly, the sketch is far different to what I envisioned while writing the intro - think more along the lines of one of Invader Zim's robot probes from Battle of the Planets, but my initial sketches ended up looking *exactly* the same. So, completely different is is, though slightly less venomous.