Zuglar Mengmezum cancels build wall: On fire

So there's a new build of Dwarf Fortress.

My first two journeys haven't gone so well if I'm honest.
Skeletal fire imps crawled out of a nearby magma vent and set my ice fortress and it's inhabitants ablaze before the end of the first season. For the record - using Cows as guard animals rather than dogs say, not so effective.
Next time, take dogs.

Second settlement lasted a good three seasons. But then some goblins snuck in through the incomplete marble tower / coin vault / barracks I was building and slaughtered my army in it's sleep.
Then the giant cave swallows came in mightily upset that I'd already killed most of them off for meat and finished off my then crippled colony.
Next time, put a roof on the damn vault.

I decided to celebrate these two less than successful voyages by reading through the log of a fortress played in succession by a bunch of goons from Something Awful - which might give you some idea as to how it went.
The trials and tribulations of the settlement "Boatmurdered" is an absolute riot to read, even if you haven't actually played the game. Spent the better part of an hour cackling to myself.
I'll never look at elephant's the same.

Maybe on my next go around, I'll embark in a goblin fortress. Tunnel in and ambush them from below, that could work.
Glory Awaits!